Burp Bounty Pro

Burp Bounty Pro

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Professional, advanced, and highly customizable website scanner designed to find vulnerabilities.

In the intricate maze of cybersecurity, every second counts and every vulnerability is a door that may be open to threats. Whether you’re an independent security professional, a member of a security team within a large enterprise, or a passionate bug hunter, you need more than just a tool: you need an ally.

Burp Bounty Pro is a Burp Suite Pro extension that improves the active and passive scanner by utilizing advanced and customized vulnerability profiles through a very intuitive graphical interface.

With our tool, you can perform a deep dive into any website, maximizing vulnerability detection with minimal time investment. This means fewer man-hours and more results.

In the world of ethical hacking and cybersecurity, Burp Bounty Pro isn’t just a tool, it’s your competitive edge. While others spend hours trying to identify issues, you’ll be steps ahead, pinpointing, resolving, and moving forward.

Please, see the Documentation section for more information.

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