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Website scanner designed to find unique vulnerabilities.

GBounty is a standalone command line website vulnerability scanner developed in Golang designed to help companies, pentesters, and bug hunters identify potential vulnerabilities in web applications. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Fast: GBounty is designed to identify potential vulnerabilities in web applications more quickly, saving you time and effort.
  • Reliable: GBounty uses different types of scans (active and passive) to perform a comprehensive analysis of the target website, ensuring that potential vulnerabilities are identified accurately.
  • Customizable: GBounty allows you to easily implement and search for new vulnerabilities in a quick manner.
  • Integrable: GBounty can be integrated into your CI (continuous integration) scans and run on Linux, Windows, and macOS systems.
  • Valuable information collection: In addition to identifying vulnerabilities, GBounty can also collect valuable information that can be useful during manual pentesting, such as identifying vulnerable parameters, detecting software versions, and more.

With GBounty, you can quickly and accurately identify potential vulnerabilities in web applications, saving you time and effort. Try it out today and see the difference for yourself!

Please, see the Documentation section for more information.

GBounty Profiles Designer

GBounty Profiles Designer is a powerful tool that gives you the ability to create custom web vulnerability profiles for use with GBounty. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Easy to use: It offers a graphical interface that makes it easy to create new vulnerability profiles.

  • Customization: It has a unique customization capacity, with new insertion points and search types that allow you to tailor the profiles to your specific needs.

  • Passive and active profiles: You can create both passive and active vulnerability profiles, which can be used to perform a comprehensive review of a web application.

  • Fast and efficient: It allows you to create new vulnerability profiles in a simple and fast way, so you can integrate new web vulnerabilities into your tests quickly.

Easy Usage

The graphical interface it allows you to create new profiles in a few seconds.

Advanced Profiles

More customizable web vulnerability profiles to control your scans.

More Powerful

Extracting the insertion points from the requests, a in-deep analysis is ensured.

Better Performance

Speed and efficiency in the web vulnerability scans are in our DNA.


No, GBounty need internet connection for check the license for now. We will work for offline activations.

Yes, GBounty is a standalone command line website vulnerability scanner developen in Golang that uses the advanced and customized vulnerability profiles (same than a popular Burpsuite extension Burp Bounty Pro).

A GBounty subscription include:

  1. One year of Gbounty and GBounty Profiles designer use and updates.
  2. GBounty binary for Linux, Windows and Mac.
  3. Advanced pack of web vulnerability profiles.

On a maximum of three devices per user license, if you need more than three activations, you will need to purchase a new user license.

The great power of GBounty is that you can replicate the methodology you use to find vulnerabilities by creating your own custom vulnerability profiles, but GBounty have pre-loaded advances profiles that will help you in your auditing processes.

All software that automates processes is susceptible to generating false positives, but few like GBounty allow you to generate validations so that you can customize the tool to adapt to any environment and reduce the great problem of false positives.

  1. One of the reasons may be that the endpoints of the licensing system are not reached, due to being connected through the VPN, or something similar. Please, disconnect the VPN and try again.
  2. Other reason may be that when you download the .zip file it is corrupt. Please download it again and try it again.

If you have problems with the execution in MacOS you can try the following command:

xattr -rd gbounty