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Burp Bounty Pro

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Professional, advanced, and highly customizable website scanner designed to find vulnerabilities.

In the intricate maze of cybersecurity, every second counts and every vulnerability is a door that may be open to threats. Whether you’re an independent security professional, a member of a security team within a large enterprise, or a passionate bug hunter, you need more than just a tool: you need an ally.

Burp Bounty Pro is a Burp Suite Pro extension that improves the active and passive scanner by utilizing advanced and customized vulnerability profiles through a very intuitive graphical interface.

With our tool, you can perform a deep dive into any website, maximizing vulnerability detection with minimal time investment. This means fewer man-hours and more results.

In the world of ethical hacking and cybersecurity, Burp Bounty Pro isn’t just a tool, it’s your competitive edge. While others spend hours trying to identify issues, you’ll be steps ahead, pinpointing, resolving, and moving forward.

Please, see the Documentation section for more information.

Pro Features. Pro Results.

The Burp Bounty Pro extension is much more powerful, as it incorporates many improvements at different levels. It has a unique customization capacity, with new insertion points and new search types. On the other hand, the use of the extension has been simplified, executing everything through a right-click.

Easy Usage

Easy scan through the right click on requests or domains.

Advanced Profiles

More cutomizable vulnerability profiles to control your scans.

More Powerful

Various types of scans for in-depth target analysis.

Better Performance

Speed and efficiency in the web vulnerability scans are in our DNA.


No, you need a version of Burp Suite or Burp Suite Pro to be able to use Burp Bounty or Burp Bounty Pro.

On a maximum of three devices per license, if you need more than three activations, you will need to purchase a new license.

The great power of Burp Bounty and Burp Bounty Pro is that you can replicate the methodology you use to find vulnerabilities by creating your own rules and custom vulnerability profiles, but both Burp Bounty and Burp Bounty Pro have pre-loaded profiles that will help you in your auditing processes.

The Burp Bounty Pro version has more profiles and rules, as well as being regularly updated.

All software that automates processes is susceptible to generating false positives, but few like Burp Bounty Pro allow you to generate rules and multi-step validations so that you can customize the tool to adapt to any environment and reduce the great problem of false positives.

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